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Our wealth of experience and extensive international network help create career opportunities for race drivers. We offer driver coaching, driver branding development & marketing as well as sponsor acquisition and contract negotiation. These services are available separately, or as part of our PROstart product.

Macdonald Motorsport’s approach to driver management goes beyond just representation. In guiding the careers of talented drivers, we work exclusively with specialist partners to develop physical and psychological training programmes, enabling the best chance at success for each of our drivers.

The Macdonald Motorsport Race Care™ programme involves the services of a driver companion who ensures that all nutritional and hydration requirements are met, and that any minor medical requirements (including sports massage) are taken care of.

Macdonald Motorsport’s hands-on approach also looks at providing a life coach service to younger drivers, preparing them for the demands of being a professional sportsperson.

We recognise the importance of world class branding and marketing. In order to facilitate the best positioning to attract suitable sponsorships, Macdonald Motorsport develops a visual personality for each driver we represent: a unique logo, a website and fan club are developed and maintained; we also produce personalised marketing materials that provide drivers with their own sponsorship presentation resource.

Once a race programme has been negotiated for the driver, we will provide monthly and quarterly reports to the driver and sponsors to ensure that all goals are being met. Where necessary, these are adjusted to address specific needs which may have been identified.


Working in conjunction with aspiring racing driver Sebastian Lanzetti, Macdonald Motorsport was responsible for creating an entirely new brand and image.

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Lanzetti Branding Manual

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